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Without hesitation I recommend Payette Builders Inc. (PBI) for the smallest remodel project to the largest estate home. Fernand Geneau shows competency and integrity from the beginning of the project to the end. His breadth and depth of knowledge are evident with every decision of the building process. My wife and I were very nervous when choosing a contractor because we had never built a house "from the ground up" and our experiences with previous contractors were tenuous at best. We interviewed many but found that Fernand possessed a unique pride when showing and talking of his previous projects. After choosing PBI, Fernand quickly gained our confidence and helped us through every step of the process. Many people walk through a home during construction. And many of those individuals have detailed knowledge of the nuances of construction. But one comment was consistent; from realtors, subcontractors, neighbors, and even other general contractors: "This is a well done house." So it was confirmed, more individuals than me immediately recognized the quality of Fernand's work.Thanks to Fernand, my wife and I live in a beautiful and quality built home. Feel free to contact me to discuss in depth the qualities that make PBI an excellent choice for your construction needs.


Jonathan Hopkins
McCall Drug

We Recommend Payette Builders Inc

The boom in the volume of construction projects in Valley County is a popular excuse for delays in getting homes constructed.  But excuses are bad habits that exemplify a poor work ethic. We have just completed having our first custom home built.  Our contractor, Fernand Geneau, of Payette Builders Inc., poured our foundation on Jan. 27.  We moved into our wonderful new home on June 15, just 18 weeks later.  The quality surpassed our dreams and the budget stayed within our means. We strongly recommend Payette Builders to anyone with a construction project in their future.  Don’t delay building because you’ve heard the nightmare experiences of others.  Call Fernand at 634-5153.

Rick & Christie Gorsline
(Note: The above testimonial was published in the local newspaper by the Gorslines, unprompted by Payette Builders. They were quite happy with their home.)


  • Payette Builders, Inc. – Honesty, Quality, Craftsmanship
    Are you looking for a quickly constructed mountain cabin at a cut rate price, perhaps with a few shortcuts to keep the price down?  If so, Payette Builders, Inc. is NOT your contractor.  On the other hand, if you are looking for a quality home at a fair price, with an emphasis on quality and
    craftsmanship, you’ve come to the right place. Fernand Geneau, General Contractor, and his team constructed our 2800 square foot home in Paddy Flat, McCall, 7 miles back on a forest service road, on the edge of the Forest Service and state land.  Here are just a few of the challenges he
    confronted: ·        
    The dirt road is not maintained in the winter·        
    The property is off the grid
    The area was poorly surveyed        
    Access required the building of a bridge across Rapid Creek        
    Numerous agencies and nosy neighbors slowing down progress at every step·We needed a contractor to interpret our vision and build a home without us being there during construction We purchased 28acres in Paddy Flat.  The property includes over 1000 feet of stream front along Rapid Creek.  The first challenge was to gain access to our desired building location.  Fernand installed a beautiful wooden, arched bridge across the creek.  To provide electricity, he installed a solar system
    with a backup propane generator.  The house has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.  It has a great deal of timber, stone and glass, along with a beautiful wood floor using lumber reclaimed and restored from an old barn.  It has a loft that looks over the great room, and the great room has floor to ceiling windows with a view to the creek and bridge.  
    Notwithstanding the great work that Fernand has done for us, his best quality is his character.  He is the most honest, trustworthy contractor I have ever worked with.  He has taken an "ownership" in the property, and I can honestly say that without him there (we live in Seattle outside the summer months) we couldn't keep a property like this.  It is Fernand that drives his snowmobile out in the bitter cold when our alarm system indicates that we've
    had a power outage.   And it is he that continues to watch over our dream vacation home for us when we're not
    there. If you need a true craftsman, someone who does incredible quality work, and can be 100% trusted, I can't imagine anyone better qualified than him.
    Leonard Iventosch, Homeowner                
    Phone number:  (530) 320-0320
    1110 Alki Avenue SW
    Seattle, WA 98116                                        
    e-mail address: